About me

I am Laia, the one behind Sóc una troca.

Women in my family have always been surrounded by yarn and thread, and I couldn’t be different: yarn and textiles fascinate me. A few years ago I went a little bit further in this world of natural fibers and color, and the scientific part of my genetics led me to a deep research on wool spinning, fibers and historical dyeing techniques with natural elements.

But my artistic vein couldn’t be left behind. I’ve always been fascinated by art (actually I’m a musician!) but I never had the urge to give voice to my creativity. One day I realized that natural dyes weren’t enough, I wanted to play more with color, have more freedom! And that’s how I started using organic dyes using all the techniques I had learnt.

Color makes me happy, and so does yarn. I hope to contribute to your happiness with each one of my skeins!