Commitment to the environment

I’m lucky to live in a beautiful rural location. This land is hard, dry, but the sun shines in a very special way and the sky has a depth rarely seen (I’m not exaggerating, really, it has something to do with the weather!). Oh, and there are such a lot of flowers through the year that I think I’ll never get to know all the names!

I’ve always been worried about nature and the environment. I’m not against technology and development, not at all, but I deeply believe in rational and responsible consuming. And what does it have to do with Sóc una troca? It is about a meticulous and diligently studied workflow and a responsible relation to the environment.

The yarns I use are chosen for the quality and at the same time for its sustainability.

The products I use to wash the yarn before and after it is dyed are organic.

My dyes are also organic and heavy metal free. On top of that, they comply with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and OEKO-TEX norms. The techniques I use do not leave any color remnant in the water, so there are no poisonous residues. This allows reusing the water many times before it ends in the sewers.

To make the color stick to the wool we need a very specific pH in the water, which I get using food grade additives (so they are not harmful to humans, animals or plants). Once the process is done, pH is balanced out to avoid damaging the aquatic environment.

The labels are made with recycled paper from a paper company in Valencia. Printing is made by myself with local resources. I’ve stopped using plastic tape, now I only use paper tape.

If you shop online, your skeins will come wrapped in recycled paper and a cotton string. I live far from everywhere, and to minimize car travels I try to go a maximum of two times a week to the nearest post office. In my shipments I use very little plastic (only the bag imposed by the courier), and I’m always researching for the best materials to reduce the environmental footprint.