Beat the fear of 3 color combinations!!!


Combining two colors can be relatively easy. Most of the times with just one look you see if they work.

But when we want to add a third color… Here is where the trouble start! It will be too similar, or too different, or it blends too much with the others or it doesn’t blend at all, or it forms a good pair with one, but not with the other…

There are some very effective techniques based on the color wheel. I am no less an expert in color theory, if you want to know more do a search by putting, for example, “color theory”. You will see really interesting things!

Some time ago I read something much simpler, and for which it is not necessary to think too many theories.

If you want to combine three colors you need to have:

a light one
a dark one
a shiny one

Just look at this:




You may like this combination or not, but it simply works! It has been used a lot of times, just open a magazine or a newspaper and I’m sure you’ll find it more than once.

What we did is use the extreme colors: the darkest, the lightest and a very bright one. But what if we don’t want to play with extremes?




Instead of using “dark, “light” and “shiny” as absolutes, now we’ve used them relatively to the others. One color can be shiny in one combo, but the dark in the other, etc.

This “technique” is also useful to make 2 color combos: a light and a dark, a dark and a shiny, a shiny and a light.

And now?

Well, rules are made to be broken, they say. Play, try, reorganize… that’s the real way to find the best combo for your needs!

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