Never fail a combo again!


Sometimes it is hard to know exactly how to combine those precious hairy fluffy mohair yarns. MUSU knit together with a KITTEN? No problem! You don’t want to loose the speckles you have? I’ve got you! Want to go crazy with lots of colors and mixes? No, sorry, not today!

I always say that I make colors that are easy to combine. Look at these ideas, both colors are conceived to enhance each other.

When combining colors I think there is no right or wrong, it is just something you like or not. But sometimes we feel a little bit lost, or just want something easy, so the first thing I’ll tell you when you are looking for this kind of yarn combos is to avoid combining two speckled yarns, they mute each other.

Mohair makes more diluted speckles, while merino makes them extra defined. Both options are great!

For me, the easiest way to combine MUSU and KITTEN is using two skeins with the same base color (or at least with a very similar tone), one with and one without speckles.

If you feel a little bit more playful, use the color of the speckles instead of the base tone. This one opens a world of possibilities, don’t you think?

And you, which tips do you follow when choosing colors? Let’s keep talking about that!

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