Ethical yarns hand dyed with environmentally friendly dyes

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Dyed to order available again!

Between markets on this october I’ve decided to turn off any available yarn to be able to prepare all the activities I have, so you can enjoy them better also!

Meanwhile you can order again custom dyed yarns, so you can buy that color you always have in mind but that you never saw ready to ship. It will take a little bit longer, but all the skeins will be dyed specially for you.

Very soon I’ll be uploading new colors, so don’t forget to follow me on Instagram so you can see them, and if you suscribe to the newsletter you’ll be the first to know all the news!

Discover our new yarn base: TERRA

Terra means land, but also earth. If  you are looking for real wool this is the one. At 23 microns, it is good for your outer clothes without being scratchy at all. Being non superwash makes it keep all the best attributes of wool. And the best of all… it is local!

Skeins are 100 gr and 400 m, and are 100% spanish merino non superwash. This yarn is custom spun at a local mill.

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skeins of hand dyed yarn


100% bourrette silk

skeins of hand dyed yarn


100% spanish merino (non sw)

skeins of hand dyed yarn


50% silk - 50% merino (non sw)

skeins of hand dyed yarn


75% kid mohair - 28% silk

skeins of hand dyed yarn


100% merino superwash

skeins of hand dyed yarn


75% wool - 25% polyamid

skeins of hand dyed yarn


100% merino superwash

skeins of hand dyed yarn

kitten dk

100% merino superwash


gradients, minis...

dyed to order

any yarn / any color

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a metallic basket full of hand dyed skeins

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Laia holding yarn


My name is Laia. Soc una troca are the yarns I dye in my small atelier at the mountains in the south of Catalunya. The rural surrounding is my inspiration, the colors and the light are an invaluable source of ideas. I try to live with respect for nature. That’s why I use eco friendly dyes using techniques with a very low impact for the environment. In addition, the wool I dye comes from sustainable sources with good farming practices. Soc una troca are the colors that make me happy, and I hope to contribute to your happiness too!

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